How to Create the New Scratch Kitchen

According to a recent Restaurant Success report, future food trends for 2020 will include local sourcing, fresh produce, healthy eating, and an emphasis on authentic items. Diners, it seems, are flocking to the comfort of kitchens that serve a variety of delicious food, so long as it doesn’t feel heavily processed. However, as Thrillist explains, “…the rise of the Golden Age “scratch kitchen” (in which everything is made in-house), long a point of pride for fine-dining kitchens, isn’t usually financially realistic in the more casual kitchens.” While many chefs may work to bake their own bread or cure their own meats in-house, the fact is scratch kitchens are expensive, labor intensive, and not often worth the financial expenditure.

At Consolidated Concepts, we focus on ensuring restauranteurs cost-savings opportunities that excite your front of house while saving you labor costs in your back of house. So how do you keep that scratch kitchen feeling without spending excess time on labor? Here are a few ways to keep the focus on the food and the money towards your bottom line.

1. Create versatile, convenient, and profitable appetizers

Potatoes have long been one of the more versatile items in any kitchen, but the time and labor cost to prepare them for your various dishes can be lengthy and expensive. From washing to peeling to baking to mashing and so on, potato preparation can be a costly process. Increase your margins by switching to this appetizer mix. With a product that is both fully customizeable and easy to prepare, you can improve your turnaround time and provide your customers with a product that tastes fresh and handmade, while adding your restaurants’ own signature ingredients to give the dish your own personal flair.

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2. Make your very own dipping sauce

Who doesn’t drool over a great aioli or house made dressing? From dips to sauces, many restaurants find customers clamoring back to have their one-of-a-kind house-made sauces. In reality, we know that a true scratch sauce comes with a lot of labor, kitchen space, and room for emulsification error.  Now, what if you could have the same great flavor and save yourself the stress and time consumption from behind the scenes? Save yourself the time, headache on labor and start with something great. Unilever mayo can do magic as your base- just add in your own signature spices give your own restaurants dipping flare!

Watch this video of how one of our clients recently utilized Hellmann’s mayo as the base for 8 inventive custom dressings.

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3. Add your own spice

Nothing says delicious like a unique sauce or seasoning added into one of your signature dishes. With Knorr® Intense Flavors liquid seasoning, you can elevate any dish on your menu.   These products, that are foodservice exclusive, can save you time, labor, and ingredient costs by providing a ready-to-use bottle of flavor that will add a bold dimension to any meal.

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