Trust Knorr for Superior Taste, Performance and Convenience.

Consolidated Concepts and Unilever Food Solutions are here to give you reduced pricing on Knorr® Professional savory sauces and gravies.

These products deliver LIMITLESS FLAVOR, with a clean label guests are looking for. With Knorr® Professional, you can create the dishes guests love without any of the stuff they don’t want — all while saving time on prep.

Knorr® Professional sauces, bases, and gravies offer great taste with clean ingredients:

  • Gluten-free
  • No artificial colors/flavors*
  • No artificial preservatives
  • No added MSG*
  • Meets our highest nutritional standards for sodium

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Must-have products to maximize efficiency and flavor

Now more than ever, operations are focused on finding ways to help reduce costs and minimize labor. COVID-19 has put a big strain on restaurants and forced unforeseen shortages in an industry that has always seen staffing as a top concern1. As operators grapple with new “norm” in staff and purchasing, there is still the ever-present need to produce quality and consistent menu items for patrons.

How can operations maximize efficiency?

Having the right ingredients in the walk-in (pantry?) can make a huge impact on an operation’s bottom line. Utilizing products that require minimal labor and reduce overall costs is crucial in both menu planning and inventory management. Items like gravy mixes can help deliver strong flavor with shorter prep time, while liquid concentrated bases can help create instant broths with exceptional flavor and less ingredients2. These products can help operations efficiently yield more product from less staff, which ultimately saves on time and costs.

Quality is key

While the industry is looking for ways to save, it’s important to remember that customers are still expecting the high-quality foods they’ve come to know from their favorite establishments. Aside from flavor alone, customers are also seeking simple ingredients and better quality food3. Clean labels and all-natural ingredients play a big role here. Operations should seek products that help provide the flavor guests want without the items they don’t, like artificial preservatives, added MSG, and artificial flavors.

Add Knorr Professional to Your Walk-In

While operations look for ways to reduce costs and minimize labor, guests will still expect great flavor and quality ingredients. With a wide variety of products ranging from sauces, to gravies, to liquid concentrated bases, Knorr Professional provides superior taste, high performance, and, most importantly, convenience to operators. On top of that, Knorr Professional products proudly come with a clean label. This means restaurants can deliver less of what customers don’t want without jeopardizing the great flavor that they do.

Best of all, Consolidated Concepts clients get competitive pricing on Knorr Professional items. Fill out the form below to learn more about how to get Knorr Professional items for your operation!