Freshly Picked, September 14, 2021

Alerts & What’s Trending Will Alcohol To-Go Have Place in Restaurants After COVID Without Federal Aid Restaurants Warn Absolutely Devastating Consequences Will Holiday Season Ease Restaurant Hiring Woes Biden Issues Vaccine Mandates 100 Million Workers Focus: Cleanliness During COVID Bolsters Food Safety Practices in Restaurants Produce The sector continues to be challenged by a lack… Continued

Freshly Picked, September 7, 2021

Alerts & What’s Trending Food Regulators Want Input Labeling Lab Grown Meats Delta Variant Has Already Changed Dining Behavior With the Labor Shortage, Here’s a Way to Make Sure Guests Stay Happy Restaurant Employment Numbers are Still 8% Below Pre-Pandemic Levels COVID’s Remarkable Impact on Restaurants 18 Months Later Produce Industry-large lack of labor causing… Continued

Freshly Picked, August 31, 2021

Alerts & What’s Trending Open Letter, Your Restaurants Loyalty Program is Boring The Restaurants Fight for Federal Aid Digital Ordering Scores with Customers When COVID-19 is Gone What Will Become of Restaurant Delivery Chicago Sues GrubHub, Doordash over Deceptive Business Practices Produce Lack of personnel, pallets, and freight in all parts of the business continue… Continued

Streamline Contract Management with the Help of Technology

When you own more than one restaurant location, you’re bound to wear more than one hat. Think of all the contracts that go along with managing each of those locations. From Master Distribution Agreements and Manufacturer Contracts – the art of negotiating and managing these documents is truly one in its own. It’s 2021 and… Continued

Freshly Picked, August 24, 2021

Alerts & What’s Trending How a Virtual Supply Chain Identifies Solution and Problems for Restaurants The Real Reason Restaurants Have a Labor Issue Next Wave Restaurant Innovation Must Take Place in the Kitchen Survey, Restaurants Less Likely to Mandate Vaccine  Restaurants Brace Delta Surge and Survival Tactics Produce Lack of manpower, freight, and operational challenges… Continued

Full-Service Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is more than a one-person job. Especially for operators with multiple locations, doing it all manually can be stressful and time-consuming. These days, restaurants are looking to run lean and reduce their overhead amidst a nation-wide staffing crisis. Others may be having trouble staffing full departments. How can an operator manage their… Continued

Freshly Picked, August 16, 2021

Alerts & What’s Trending With Delta Variant, Restaurants Must ‘Be a Student of the Past’ Engage Your Team and You’ll Engage Your Customers Casual Dining’s Traffic Is Nearly Back To Pre-Pandemic Levels, Study Finds Addressing the Restaurant Labor Shortage Let Your Best Customers Define Brand Loyalty Produce Lack of manpower, freight, and operational issues continue… Continued

Freshly Picked, August 9, 2021

Alerts & What’s Trending Recipe Costing Technology Made By Chefs, For Chefs Can Your Restaurant Have Too Many Taps? These Global Beverage Trends Are Dominating The Restaurant Industry The Debate Continues as More Businesses Require Proof of Vaccination Restaurant Job Growth Surged Again In July Produce Lack of manpower, freight, and operational issues continue to… Continued

Freshly Picked, August 3, 2021

Alerts & What’s Trending No Vax, No Service: Here’s Where Bars And Restaurants Across U.S. Are Requiring Proof Of Vaccination Localized Marketing for Restaurants: Best Practices and Best Results Are Restaurants Ready for the Federal Minimum Wage Increase? Attracting and Retaining Restaurant Employees in a Labor Shortage Save Staff Time and Keep Guests Safe with… Continued

Save Staff Time and Keep Guests Safe with Tork Xpressnap Fit

In partnership with Tork Reopening your operation these days is more than just ordering fresh inventory and investing in an Open sign. Now, you must take into consideration things like having less staff on hand, guest hygiene expectations and maintaining cleaner workstations. As more people begin eating away from home in restaurants and at work,… Continued