Freshly Picked, May 26, 2020

Alerts & What’s Trending Reopenings Provide Some COVID-19 Hope, Especially for Casual Dining Restaurant Sales Are Coming Back, But The Return Is Quicker Some Places Than Others Fed Listens: How is COVID-19 Affecting Your Community? Strategic Changes that are Keeping Food Distributors Alive CDC Updates Guidelines For Reopening Restaurant Dining Rooms and Bars Produce The… Continued

Freshly Picked, May 19, 2020

Alerts & What’s Trending Bellagreen Restaurant Opens Its Doors Under New COVID-19 Guidelines Coronavirus Liability Waivers Unlikely To Shield Restaurant Empoyers Meet The New Socially Distant Restaurant Experience As Restaurants Struggle, Cities Across America Consider Turning Streets Into Dining Rooms See Which States Are Reopening and Which Are Still Shut Down Produce The avocado market… Continued

How to Maintain Labor Efficiency in Slower Months

Now, with restaurants experiencing an unprecedented slowdown and even shutdowns in the face of a virus that has been declared a pandemic, operators are wondering not only how to keep the doors open, but also how to protect their staff and keep them employed until the public returns. We couldn’t think of a better time… Continued

Freshly Picked, May 12, 2020

Alerts & What’s Trending How Businesses Can Weather COVID-19: Start with Empathy to Employees April Unemployment Rate Highest Since Great Depression More States Lift Coronavirus-Related Dine-In Restrictions With Social Distancing and Limits on Capacity 24 Attorneys General Urge Congress To Fix Broken Paycheck Protection Program Reopening Operator Support Center Produce The tomato markets have remained… Continued

Reducing Restaurant Costs During COVID

As restaurants re-open their doors to welcome guests back into their dining rooms, many are struggling with idea of generating profit amid the challenges of low sales volume and an increase in expenses.  Restaurants are suddenly being asked to do more with less as city and state regulations necessitate an increase in spending on cleaning… Continued

Freshly Picked, May 5, 2020

Alerts & What’s Trending Restaurant Sales are Improving, but it’s a Complicated Landscape James Beard Foundation Announces Finalists For Restaurant and Chef Awards Cleaning Post-COVID: Are Your Restaurants Prepared to Re-Open? Best Practices: Sanitizing Your Operation McDonald’s Primes Supply Chain For Potential Meat Shortage Produce The avocado markets have remained firm. Strong demand ahead of… Continued

Cleaning Post-COVID: Are Your Restaurants Prepared to Re-Open?

In recent weeks, restaurants have spent a lot of time focusing on ways to keep their operations running during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many shifted to third-party delivery platforms, reduced staff, and scaled down menu offerings to help minimize labor and cost. It was the necessary steps needed for operations to survive in a world without… Continued

Freshly Picked, April 30, 2020

Alerts & What’s Trending Keeping Track of States Reopening Dine-In Service Are Customers Ready for Restaurants to Reopen? Cities Capping Third-Party Delivery Fees Treasury Department to audit businesses that received more than $2 million from the Paycheck Protection Program Is This The End Of The Buffet? The Importance of Restaurants Assessing Master Distribution Agreements (MDAs)… Continued

The Importance of Restaurants Assessing Master Distribution Agreements (MDAs) in Order to Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Master Distribution Agreements are the cornerstone for most successful operations in the hospitality industry, at least in terms of optimum pricing and maintaining a solid and reliable supply chain. For restaurants, they provide a strategic and steady cost-saving agreement with their main broadline distributor. Or, at least, that’s what they are designed to do. Once… Continued

Freshly Picked, April 23, 2020

Alerts & What’s Trending Coronavirus Pushes Restaurants Into the Grocery Business How The Coronavirus Will Change Restaurant Menus What Restaurants Need to Consider as America Reboots Senate to Inject $310 Billion Into Paycheck Protection Program Foodservice Industry Market Research Produce The potato markets continue to decline bucking the relatively tight supply situation brought on by… Continued