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multi unit operators

Unlock Success with Consistent Procurement Insights for Multi Unit Restaurant Operators

The restaurant industry can be fiercely competitive, especially for multi-unit operators who must navigate the complexities of managing several locations simultaneously. One of the most critical factors in running a profitable multi-unit restaurant business is procurement, which involves sourcing and purchasing the necessary ingredients, supplies, and equipment for each location.

However, with so many moving parts, it can be challenging for multi-unit operators to optimize their procurement strategies and stay ahead of the game. One of the most significant challenges for multi-unit restaurant operators is achieving consistency across all locations. This is especially true when it comes to procurement, where variations in quality and availability can impact everything from menu offerings to customer satisfaction.

To overcome this challenge, it’s essential to establish a standardized procurement process that can be applied consistently across all locations. This includes identifying preferred vendors, negotiating favorable pricing, and streamlining ordering and delivery logistics.

You can’t do all of that manually. In order to get a consistent procurement process created, you need to leverage technology. Procurement technology has become a foodservice must-have to ensure your multi-unit locations are all sourcing the same high-quality ingredients and supplies in order to maintain consistent menu offerings and customer experience.

Some key procurement insights in foodservice include identifying preferred vendors, negotiating favorable pricing, streamlining the ordering process, having visibility into logistics, establishing standardized procurement processes, and monitoring procurement performance metrics. By leveraging these insights, foodservice operators can optimize their procurement strategies and ultimately drive success in their businesses.

multi unit operators

A customer doesn’t want to have the world’s best Caesar salad one visit, and the worst Caesar salad the next. You want that customer to be equally satisfied with every visit – no matter the location.

At Consolidated Concepts, our industry leading foodservice technology can help you create the consistency your brand needs to maintain quality and service in every area at each of your locations. From data visualization you can leverage for better forecasting to detailed reporting of your spend in real-time, you can put your purchasing data to work for you.

Looking to elevate your restaurant’s success with consistency procurement strategies? Here are five reasons to partner with Consolidated Concepts:

multi unit operators

Consolidated Concepts technology creates procurement consistency for multi-unit restaurant operators with a range of benefits, including streamlined procurement, centralized procurement, cost savings, performance metrics, and expertise. Optimize your procurement strategies and achieve greater success across all your locations by becoming a Consolidated Concepts member today!