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Rebates and Deviations

Rebates and Deviations – How Do They Work?

Rebates and deviations are a great way to help you save some of that hard-earned money, and when you own multiple units, they add up!

Making profits will always be a top priority for you as an operator, but it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of some easy savings, too.

We’re here to show you what rebates and deviations are and how you can take advantage of them as a Consolidated Concepts member.

What are rebates and deviations?

What are rebates and deviations?

You as an operator earn rebates based off purchases you make with manufacturer products.

These rebates are paid out to you quarterly through marketing funds used by manufacturers as an incentive for increasing sales and building customer loyalty.

Deviations are the off-invoice savings on products you’re currently already buying for your restaurant.

When it comes to manufacturer rebates, our team of experts at Consolidated Concepts track and pay those back to you if the items you purchased are covered through a Consolidated Concepts contract.

As far as deviations go, the end goal will be to lower your spend so Consolidated Concepts will continuously make contract recommendations and give you insights into your spend based on your current data.

How do I take advantage of them?

How do I take advantage of rebates and deviations?

First and foremost, you will need to become a member of Consolidated Concepts to take advantage of our rebates and deviations contracts!

Once you’re apart of the Consolidated Concepts team, we work with you to see what items you’re already purchasing will qualify for a rebate or deviation.

Based off your “proof of purchase” of manufacturer items you bought, we’ll provide a breakdown of your rebate check to you every quarter!

At Consolidated Concepts, we have contracts with over 350 manufacturers on 165,000+ line items that cover everything you need for your operation across all categories.

Join today and put extra dollars in your pocket!

Rebates and Deviations

What Are Rebates and Deviations?

Are you taking advantage of rebates and deviations?

Making a profit is not always the main motive for opening a restaurant. It’s also about having a true passion for cooking and hospitality. Usually, the latter is behind the drive and motivation to open a restaurant.

But when you’re running a multi-unit chain operation, making a profit moves to the top of the list.

Restaurants are already running on thin margins.

Anywhere you can save money is vital to your bottom line. As a multi-unit restaurant operator, taking advantage of rebates and deviations should be a no brainer.

What are manufacturer rebates?

Rebates are marketing funds used by manufacturers as an incentive to build customer loyalty and improve sales.

Rebates are earned by the operator based on their purchases of the manufacturer’s products. 

Manufacturer rebates are dollars paid out quarterly to customers based on their purchases.

Any purchase on an item that is covered on a Consolidated Concepts contract, our team will track and pay back to operators.

What are deviations?

Deviations are off-invoice savings on items you are already buying.

Consolidated Concepts is able to leverage the spend of all our customers and offer competitive pricing on food and nonfood items from our partner manufacturers.

Our team will always do a deep dive into your current spend to make contract recommendations based on your current data, with the end goal of lowering your off invoice spend.

Why should I care about manufacturer rebates?

These rebates are provided on items you are already purchasing, so, it’s simply extra money in your account without any extra work.

You can use these funds in any way to help your operation– staff training, marketing dollars, employee incentives.

This means you can focus on your COP and contracted items– and you can still earn dollars back on everything else through our program without changing products.

How do I track manufacturer rebates?

Every quarter, Consolidated Concepts will provide operators with “proof of purchase” to the manufacturer and collect the rebates earned by the operator.

Every quarter, we will provide a breakdown of your manufacturer rebate check to you.

Partner with Consolidated Concepts

Consolidated Concepts has rebate and deviation contracts with over 350 manufacturers on over 165,000 line items that cover every category imaginable.

From canned tomatoes and frozen chicken breasts to garbage bags and plastic forks – you name it, we have it covered.

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