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As a Consolidated Concepts client, you get access to specialty offers from Kraft Heinz, Dart, High Liner and McCain.

Features include:

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Kraft Heinz: Plant-Based Portfolio

Introducing the new Kraft Heinz Not Co. line of plant-based products, made with delicious, dairy-free ingredients! From cheesy favorites to creamy condiments, Kraft Heinz Not Co. offers the taste you love without compromise. Now available to you with exclusive pricing! Let us help you explore stocking opportunities.

Dart: Sustainable Packaging

This Earth Day, celebrate a greener future with Dart sustainable packaging. Made with eco-friendly materials, Dart helps your operation minimize its environmental impact. This eco-friendly range includes compostable fiber containers, recycled content paper cups, and sugarcane-based dinnerware. These choices provide a responsible alternative to traditional packaging while maintaining functionality for both hot and cold food items. Embrace sustainable practices and enjoy exclusive pricing and rebates.

High Liner: Sustainably Sourced Seafood

Committed to healthy oceans, healthy choices. High Liner offers sustainable seafood, responsibly sourced for a thriving future. Enjoy exclusive pricing and explore delicious options that are good for you and the planet. Let’s discuss how High Liner can elevate your seafood offerings.

McCain: Regen Potatoes

McCain leads in regenerative agriculture, a practice that improves soil health, reduces environmental impact, and promotes biodiversity. This future-proofs the supply chain and delivers delicious, sustainable menu options for your operation – all with exclusive pricing and rebates. Imagine this: tastier potatoes grown with a lighter footprint, that’s the McCain difference!

Otis Spunkmeyer: Cookie Dough & Cookie Oven

Offer guests a sweet treat with Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies. Plus, if your operation purchases three cases of cookie dough a month, you will receive a free cookie oven for easy prep. The oven requires minimal setup and space, and is perfect for a countertop area, including hotel front desks or small kitchens. With Otis Spunkmeyer, you can easily drive revenue with limited equipment.