Distribution Agreements

We leverage our experience to build RFP’s and negotiate with distributors and develop agreements that benefit your operation


Product Contracts

Our sourcing experts help to identify the right spec, at the right price, from the right distributor partners


Contract Compliance & Auditing

Once your contracts are loaded in our AI system, we catch and bill back on every overcharge on every invoice

Contract Management

There are so many ins and outs of contract negotiation and if you don’t have the right dedicated resources to review each line item, you could miss valuable savings opportunities. We’ve been through it, we know where the pitfalls are, and we have the software advantages to make your processes more efficient. Our contract specialists have preferred relationships with suppliers and help relieve the contract management burden on your teams.

Change the standard of contract management by partnering with Consolidated Concepts.

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Contract Management

When you manage more than one location, you don’t have the time to chase down contracts, review every line item and conduct contract impact analyses. Get access to a more streamlined contract management workflow when you partner with Consolidated Concepts.