Spend Management Technology

Track your spend in real-time and run customized reports in any configuration needed.


Data Visualization

Get a bird's eye view with client dashboards and insight into your purchasing so you can make more strategic data-driven decisions.


Better Forecasting

Improve overall planning by monitoring inventory costs and identifying inaccurate pricing across a multitude of different categories.

Gain Insights from your Purchases

Improve Operational Decisions

Your purchasing department generates large amounts of data every day from invoices and inventory levels to contract utilization and rebate values. Our spend management technology provides “the bigger picture” of where your money is going, what is providing value to your operation and what isn’t.

Insights obtained from data can mean the difference of success or failure.


Food Cost Management Technology

From ingredient price fluctuations to inventory alerts, Food Cost Management makes it easy to control the costs in your operation!

Completely eliminate manual data entry and inventory counts.

Our Food Cost Management technology enables you to run a more profitable business in as little as 5 minutes a day.

Simply snap a photo of an invoice and unlock real-time actionable insights like food costs and ingredient price trends.


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Spend Management Technology

Put Your Purchasing Data to Work

There’s immense value hidden among your purchase histories.

  • Find pricing inconsistencies that are costing you money
  • Stop distributor overcharges before they happen
  • Compare your prices to USDA commodity indices
  • Manage RFP response and Contract Renewals through a single interface
  • Monitor product compliance across locations and regions
  • Anticipate distributor stocking issues