Competitive Pricing

Protect your restaurant from price fluctuations with competitive contracts that ensure your pricing remains stable.


Safety and Traceability

End-to-end traceability and transparency into the life-cycle of your fresh produce purchases.


Dedicated Produce Team

Our team of produce experts secure consistent and competitive pricing and make sure only high quality produce makes it into your restaurant and onto your plates.

Elevate Produce Purchases

Grower Shipper Expertise

Our managed produce program helps multi-unit restaurants stabilize produce prices and increase quality. If you don’t currently have a produce program, not only are you not getting the best quality product on the market, but you’re probably subjected to major swings in the markets as commodity markets shift. Our managed produce programs stabilize those shifts so that your prices are more predictable.

Get better quality produce and work on specs that meet your individual product needs.

Safety and Traceability

Traceability is at the core of protecting your brand and ensuring that everything you serve to your consumers is as safe as possible. Our Produce Management teams conduct expert-lead 3rd party audits at grower, distributor and operator locations. Our best-in-class proprietary Recall and Outbreak Program alerts you within 2 hours if any of your locations have received contaminated product.

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A produce management program can be beneficial in the irregularity of pricing in the produce market. Our produce experts work with growers and shippers to ensure you get contracted pricing that protects you from the volatility of the industry while offering you savings. Having a produce management program in place ensures that your prices maintain stability.