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A Variety of Solutions for Foodservice Safety

Health Pro Brands has a variety of solutions for foodservice safety designed to support your operation.

Fit Produce Wash: Avoid foodbourne illness with Fit Organic Fruit and Vegetable wash. When washing with Fit Produce Wash, produce is cleaned and sanitized without causing harm to the produce, health, or the planet and doesn’t leave a taste or smell.

CleanCooler™ Walk-in by Fit Fresh: Keep your walk-in clean with a chlorine dioxide gas-generating product specifically designed for placement inside of a walk-in cooler, floral or other coolers, display cases, etc. to preserve optimal cleanliness.

CleanCooler™ Ice Machine Treatment: The leading cause of illness from foodservice is a dirty ice machine. Until now, the only solution has been deep professional cleaning. With Health Pro Brands CleanCooler™, you can eliminate the need for in-between monthly and quarterly deep cleaning.

3. Makeup inflation & supply chain pressure costs.

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