Instant, electronic tip payments for employees.

Restaurant managers are not bank tellers.
Employees deserve safety.

The days of having to count out cash, distribute envelopes of cash to staff, submit cash tips reports and having employees leaving at night with pockets full of cash tips are gone. With Kickfin, everything is handled and disbursed digitally with employees receiving tip payouts directly to their own bank account 24/7/365.

Manager Benefits

  • No longer have to travel from the bank to the restaurant with a weeks’ worth of tip out cash
  • No longer acting like bank tellers, counting, enveloping, and distributing cash tip payouts at the close of every shift, eliminating errors associated with manual counting of cash at the end of each shift.

Employee Benefits

  • No longer leave the restaurant with large amounts of cash on hand, which provides them greater safety and security
  • Get paid – directly into their bank account – in seconds. Even on weekends. And holidays, too!

3. Makeup inflation & supply chain pressure costs.

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