Specialists in Pest Solutions for Foodservice

Copesan is a leader in pest management. Made up of an alliance of regional pest management providers, the team at Copesan unites to provide customers with exceptional service.

Within the foodservice space, Copesan understands the need restaurants have for high pest management standards. Your brand is your most important asset, so you need to protect it from the damage bugs, rodents, and pests can cause. Culinary Care® from Copesan is a comprehensive pest management program that is designed specifically to meet the needs within the foodservice environment.

National Coverage. Local Expertise.

When looking for pest control, choosing local matters. By utilizing local pest control, you can benefit from:

  • Experts on pests in your region
  • Fast response, accurate pest identification
  • Geographically relevant pest management strategies

The team at Copesan offers in-depth knowledge about the pests in your area so you can feel confident that they will provide relevant and effect pes management strategies.

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