Drapes 4 Show

Affordable Fabrics

Drapes 4 Show provides all your fabric needs at reasonable costs. With great prices for both small and large production runs, Drapes 4 Show can help any restaurant regardless of the scale of their business.

Advantages to Joining the Drapes 4 Show

Fabric Program Benefits:

  • Drapes 4 Show imports, distributes, and manufactures textiles locally
  • Offers product customization to meet your extra specifications
  • Offers a large variety of fabrics to produce finished products
  • Offers great prices for small production runs
  • Provides support during the design phase with samples and fabric selections
  • Mockup samples easily available

Drapes 4 Show is a preferred supplier of textiles related to table linens, bed linens, window coverings and other related decorative textile items for the Consolidated Concepts program. Equipped with the capabilities to manufacture any fabric product to solve all your restaurant needs, Drapes 4 Show is here to make your operation run smoother and your life easier.

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