Provide Guests a Simple and Safe Contactless Dining Solution

Paerpay is a contactless payment platform that enables guests to safely and efficiently pay for their orders with a QR code or text message. The platform helps merchants accept contactless payments with tools that create an unmatched touchless experience, maximize the lifetime value of patrons, offer better card processing rates, and empower merchants to thrive in a world of touchless commerce.

There is no downloading of apps and no new hardware needed, as the Paerpay platform directly integrates with major POS systems.

Platform Overview:

  • Text-to-pay: enable guests to pay with a text message
  • QR code payment: guests can pay for their orders by scanning a QR code at their table! No need for physical contact.
  • Real-time check splitting: guests will know at all times what they paid for and what is due.
  • Digital menus: integrates with your menu solution
  • Walkover recovery: recover walkouts from guests, even after the check is closed in the POS system.
  • Technology compatibility: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay

Why you will love Paerpay:

  • Increased tip average
  • Higher check average
  • Faster table-turns
  • Reduce PCI compliance scope
  • Improve staff efficacy
  • Happy and safe guests

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