Regional Programs

As a Consolidated Concepts client, you get access to a variety of Regional Programs that are designed to help operators find a local suppliers for key areas like Meat, Seafood, Dairy, Produce, Bakery and Linen. Start saving today!

Program highlights include:

  • Meat: Our meat program provides our members with superior quality products for all of your center of the plate needs
  • Seafood: Maximize your profits by working with specialty seafood vendors who live and breathe in the world of fish and shellfish
  • Dairy: Our dairy suppliers provide superior quality products like milk, eggs, cheeses and more, straight to your door
  • Produce: Ensure produce arrives to your operation with the best quality, consistency, and food safety standards
  • Bakery: Improve the quality, consistency, and price of your baked goods with our regional bakery program 
  • Linen: The first impression and image of your company is our business! From table cloths to napkins, this program provides exceptional service and excellent pricing.

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