Mix it Up for 2022

With the labor shortage continuing through the winter, your staff probably doesn’t have the time to make cocktails from scratch or spend hours prepping the bar for happy hour. Save time this winter by using Rose’s cocktail ingredients.

Known for its quality and consistency, Rose’s premium products are essential components for building a successful bar. Boost alcohol sales with signature cocktails and add versatility to your menu.

  • Sweetened Lime Juice: the original cocktail ingredient, Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice is made with 100% real lime juice.
  • Grenadine Syrup: this surgery, pomegranate juice and heat ingredient has a distinctly tart and fruity flavor. Use this in your signature Tequila Sunrise, Hurricane or Shirley Temple.
  • Simple Syrup: adds pure sweetness of cane sugar to any beverage.
  • Sweet & Sour Drink Mix: rich taste of tangy citrus flavors sweetened for ultimate mixability into any spirits or cocktail.

Shake things up and take your mixing seriously by pairing any Rose’s ingredients with Mr & Mrs T’s mixers for premium flavor. Stir up new cocktails for the winter with these recipes! 

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