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March Manufacturer Features

As a Consolidated Concepts client, you get access to specialty offers from Honest Earth, Impossible Foods, Anchor Packaging and Flora.

Features include:

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Honest Earth: Potato Products

Honest Earth® offers convenient potato products that are perfect on their own or can be customized with your signature touch or on-trend ingredients. All products are plant-based and provide your operation with the opportunity to create consistent, high-quality sides, entrees, and appetizers with minimal prep time. Learn how you can add Honest Earth to your operation at competitive pricing.

Impossible Foods: Plant-Based Protein

Impossible Foods creates products made from plants for people who love meat, plants, and everything in between. From burgers, sausages, and meatballs, to chicken, pork, and more, Impossible products are delicious, packed with nutrients, and are better for the planet. Click below to learn how you can add Impossible products to your operation at exclusive client prices.

Anchor Packaging: Sustainable To-Go Solutions

Anchor Packaging provides eco-friendly products made in a sustainable facility. From rich and saucy to hot & crispy, find the perfect sustainable packaging for every menu. Boost your operational efficiency and takeout success by making the switch today.

Flora Plant-Based Butter

Flora provides operators with delicious and high-performance plant-based butter. Ideal for serving vegans and guests with allergies, Flora plant-based butter has a remarkable dairy-like taste that can easily be swapped in for all butter needs.

Otis Spunkmeyer: Cookie Dough & Cookie Oven

Offer guests a sweet treat with Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies. Plus, if your operation purchases three cases of cookie dough a month, you will receive a free cookie oven for easy prep. The oven requires minimal setup and space, and is perfect for a countertop area, including hotel front desks or small kitchens. With Otis Spunkmeyer, you can easily drive revenue with limited equipment.