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December Manufacturer Features

As a Consolidated Concepts client, you get access to specialty offers from Kraft Heinz, Anchor Packaging , Sani Professional, Knorr Professional and Ocean Spray.

Features include:

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Kraft Heinz: Get Savings & Cash Back!

For the first time, restaurant operators can begin earning cash back rebates on purchases from Kraft Heinz. Unlock exclusive pricing and rebates on some of the biggest brands in foodservice that your guests know and love. Start purchasing for your operation and save.

NEW! Packaging Innovation from Anchor Packaging

Delivering the best meal experience protects your customer base and drives more orders. Anchor Packaging products maintain food quality, provide table-ready performance and presentation, and boost operational efficiencies to produce takeout success. From rich and saucy to hot & crispy, Anchor has an affordable packaging solution for every menu.

Sani Professional: Disposable Wipe Solutions

Promote a safe dining experience for staff and guests with Sani Professional pre-moistened disposable wipes. Wipes prevent the risk of cross-contamination of surfaces and are effective against Listeria monocytogenes and other microorganisms, including cold and flu viruses.

Knorr Professional: Soups and Savings

Save time, labor and get exclusive savings – Knorr Professional’s complete product line offers bases, soups and gravies that are gluten-free with no artificial preservatives. From now until December 29, if you purchase 15 cases of soups from Knorr Professional, you’ll receive an extra $200 rebate. Your order must include Three Bean Vegetable Chili or Butternut Squash Soups.

Ocean Spray: Versatile Beverage & Snack Solutions

Ocean Spray offers a variety of solutions for your operation, beyond fresh cranberries and juices. From soft drinks and bar mixers, to snacks to add to salads or grain bowl kits, to solutions for kids, there is an option for all ages with Ocean Spray.