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July Maufacturer Features

As a Consolidated Concepts client, you get access to specialty offers from Custom Culinary, Idahoan, Smithfield, and Swiss Miss.

Features include:

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Heat Up BBQ with Custom Culinary

BBQ dishes have one thing in common – getting the most flavor out of every bite. Revamp your summer menu and put your signature spin on an old favorite, or reimagine a regional style with BBQ products from Custom Culinary. Their unique and popular flavor profiles are shaped by authentic barbecue traditions worldwide and are sure to satisfy guests of all ages.

Shredded Hash Browns from Idahoan

Made with 100% real Idaho Potatoes, Idahoan’s premium shredded hash browns are fresh-dried for fast and consistent prep with a scratch-made taste. Hash browns are perfect to serve, as a side or within a breakfast dish. Create other innovative menu items using hash browns as a base in bowls or patties, all while you save time and labor.

Save Time with Smithfield's Ready-to-Serve Wings

Smithfield KC Wild Wings are slow-cooked, made from whole-muscle pork shanks, and ready to serve. They taste great on their own, or with rubs, spices, sauces, and more. They’re also extremely versatile and can be prepared via grill, oven, deep fryer, air fryer or smoker. Any way you choose, these wings will fly off the menu.

Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate: Summertime Recipes

Swiss Miss isn’t just for the colder months – spice up your dessert or drink menu this summer with this popular hot chocolate mix. Easily utilize Swiss Miss to create frozen hot cocoa, chocolate ice cream, mudslides, and other creative sweets. Swiss Miss requires minimal prep and is available in many different packaging options for convenience.

Otis Spunkmeyer: Cookie Dough & Cookie Oven

Offer guests a sweet treat with Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies. Plus, if your operation purchases three cases of cookie dough a month, you will receive a free cookie oven for easy prep. The oven requires minimal setup and space, and is perfect for a countertop area, including hotel front desks or small kitchens. With Otis Spunkmeyer, you can easily drive revenue with limited equipment.