TNT™ Burgers

Always tasty. Always tender.

TNT™ offers high-performance, low-maintenance burgers that provide back-of-house efficiencies with a flavor to meet the most discerning tastes. They set the standard for overall quality in appearance, aroma, flavor, texture and hold time.

TNT™ burgers are the premium foodservice patties that ensure every operator can consistently provide guests a standout burger experience in minutes.

Taste: Perfectly seasoned to enhance right-off-the-grill natural beef flavor

Performance: Exceptional tenderness and 3-hour+ hold time increase efficiencies and protect profits

Convenience: Preparation and storage convenience that comes in an IQF patty with a taste that sensory testing proves outperforms fresh

Variety: Dozens of SKUs in a variety of grinds, shapes, and sizes

Why the Tork 2 in 1 Foodservice Wiper?

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