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Winter Solutions For Your Operation

Maximize your savings and drive revenue this winter!

Our team of specialists compiled a list of winter savings to help you make the most of these colder months. Best of all, as a Consolidated Concepts client, you can take advantage of exclusive member savings on these products – like CASH BACK!

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Interested in saving more? Check out the key areas for savings:

Sports season must-haves

Winter comfort foods

Seasonal operational essentials

Sanitation & hygiene solutions

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Sports Season Must-Haves

In-demand products from top brands like Tyson, Smithfield, Cargill, McCain, Impossible, Beyond Meat, Dr Pepper, and more.

  • Bone-in wings
  • KC pork wings
  • Burgers
  • Plant-based meats
  • French fries & appetizers
  • Plant-based meats
  • Fountain beverages
  • Bottled root beer and sodas
  • Bar mixers

Winter Comfort Foods, Drinks & Desserts

Create and serve the tastes of the season with staples from top brands like Campbell’sBarillaIdahoanSwiss MissFolgers, and more.


  • Ready-to-use soups & soup starters
  • Bases, sauces, and soup starters
  • Poultry & meat products
  • Fresh-Dried™ potatoes
  • Pasta
  • Potato solutions


  • Hot Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Apple juices


  • Individual desserts
  • Cookies
  • Cakes & cheesecakes
  • Ice cream
  • Seasonal desserts

Seasonal Operational Essentials

Do you offer takeout or delivery? Keep your customers’ orders fresh and secure with high-quality disposables and go-to solutions from top brands like DART, Anchor Packaging, Georgia‑Pacific, and Strawfish.

  • Takeout packaging
  • To-go cups
  • Straws & disposable cutlery
  • Foodservice containers
  • Napkins

Sanitation & Hygiene Solutions

Keep guests and staff safe with proper hygiene, sanitation, and cleaning solutions for all areas of your operation from brands like Sani Professional, Tork, P&G, Georgia-Pacific, and more.

  • Disinfecting wipes for surfaces and hands
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Restroom and BOH soaps
  • Cleaning supplies