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November Manufacturer Features

As a Consolidated Concepts client, you get access to specialty offers from DART, Cargill, BelGioioso and Custom Culinary.

Features include:

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DART: Sustainable Container Solutions

From bowls and tamper-proof containers to to-go cups and combo packs, DART has a variety of products to ensure your operation is prepared. DART also offers a wide variety of sustainable container solutions, including eco-forward and compostable items. Many items are also recyclable and made from renewable resources. Explore their lineup and find the right options for your operation.

Cargill: Burgers for any menu

At the heart of every burger is a good patty. Cargill offers several beef burger options that are ideal for any menu. Burgers are pre-formed, ready to cook and the patties are perfect for stacking. 79% of consumers eat a burger away from home at least once a month – drive sales and build a better burger with Cargill.

BelGioioso: Versatile Cheese Solutions

BelGioioso strives to make flavorful, high-quality specialty cheeses with a variety of uses. Add their offerings into your holiday-themed menus this season, with options like ricotta con latte, plus classic, gourmet and artisan cheeses. New to their lineup are their specialty cheese course kits, which feature several different cheeses. Use BelGioioso for appetizers, entrees or desserts.

Custom Culinary: Unique Dessert Offerings

This dessert “Mother Sauce” from Custom Culinary delivers a classic creamy cooked vanilla custard flavor and texture that enhances many desserts and enables the creation of dozens of unique signature desserts. Creme anglaise has a 30.4% projected four-year growth – use as finishing sauces, condiments and glazes, or add seasonal ingredients to enhance your holiday dessert offerings.