Consolidated Concepts

Reduce Costs, Increase Valuations


From Pre-Acquisition to Post-Acquisition Supply Chain Management

Consolidated Concepts fills a critical role in providing a complete picture of where a restaurant’s supply chain and procurement processes are today and where they need to go. We partner with concepts and investors in all stages of investment to benchmark efficiencies, streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase valuations.


For concepts seeking or considering investment, Consolidated Concepts helps prepare growing operations for a capital raise.

  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Cost Metrics
  • Forecasting
  • Contract Assessment
  • Technology Assessment
  • Food Safety Assessment
  • Operational/Labor Assessment


Operations seeking to maximize their capital investments work with Consolidated Concepts to develop operational, contractual, and supply chain efficiencies.

  • Cost Reduction Roadmap
  • Master Distribution Agreement Negotiation
  • Operational Efficiency Consulting
  • Item Rationalization
  • Utilities Contracts
  • Sustainability Consultation
  • Custom Contracting
  • Technology Recommendations and Integrations
  • Expansion Planning

Exit Readiness

At the close of successful private equity engagements, Consolidated Concepts assists in developing sustainable profitability plans.

  • Supply Chain Assessment and Benchmarking
  • Operational Excellence Planning
  • Spend Intelligence Technology
  • Contract Management Technology

Case Study:

Multi-Concept Restaurant Portfolio

Experts in Value Creation

When it comes to being Capital Raise Ready, we’re here to help.

Consolidated Concepts leverages expertise in supply chain management, operations, distribution, produce management and spend management technologies to develop customized resources and support programs to increase multi-unit restaurants’ productivity and reduce their costs. We partner with operators and investment firms to reduce costs, optimize efficiency, streamline contracts and boost profitability.

Consolidated Concepts Expertise:

Produce Management

Our expertly-managed produce programs focus on improving the quality, safety and traceability of clients’ food programs.

Contract Negotiations

As a team of contract specialists understand the intricacies of distribution contracts. With this knowledge, we leverage our experience to build RFP’s and negotiate with distributors to develop agreements that benefit our clients.

Cost Savings Analysis

Our clients can find out your personalized Cost Savings Index Score and Uncover Recommendations for Boosting Profitability.

Spend Intelligence

Our contract technology monitors every line item that our clients purchase for contract compliance.  Client dashboards provide in-depth information into purchasing trends, commodity pricing, category-level breakdowns, contract renewals, rebate management, overcharges and location-level spending and more.