If you’re buying your produce from a broad liner, not only are you not getting the best quality produce on the market, but you’re probably subjecting yourself to major swings in the markets. As the commodity markets shift, with our managed produce programs, we stabilize those shifts in the market so that your prices are more predictable.

We also help you get better quality produce, and work on specs that meet your individual product needs based on your application. We also have an incredible food safety and traceability program so that in the event that there’s an outbreak or recall, we’re able to tell you exactly what kind of produce you have in your walk-in, and whether or not it’s safe to serve to your guests.

Our produce management program starts with a simple assessment. So let’s have a conversation about what produce you’re buying today, how much money you’re paying for it, and how you may be able to boost your profitability by switching to a manage produce program.

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