Restaurant Technologies Solutions for Hassle-Free Cooking Oil and Clean Hoods

Cooking oil and clean hoods are an important part of your business, but they’re not the kinds of things you want to think about all the time.

Our solutions make it easy.

Restaurant Technologies is a leader in the foodservice industry, providing innovative solutions that automate and simplify back-of-house processes for hassle-free cooking oil and clean hoods. We help you keep your employees safe, your kitchen efficient, your food quality consistent, and your mind on more important things.

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Advantages & Benefits

  • Protect your investment from fire.
  • Protect your employees from slips, strains, and burns.
  • Potentially lower insurance premiums.
  • Improve food quality consistency.
  • Receive regular and dependable bulk cooking oil delivery.
  • Gain visibility into your oil usage.
  • Optimize processes for greater efficiency.
  • Eliminate third-party hood cleanings.
  • Support employee retention and productivity.
  • Effortlessly reduce carbon footprint with used-cooking oil recycling and waste reduction.
  • Get premium service and 24/7 support.

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