Should Your Restaurant Chain Add a Drive-Thru Window?

When consumers are in a rush and looking for something to eat quickly on-the-go, their options are limited. If only their favorite restaurant had a drive-thru window… all of that hunger could be quickly satisfied.

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your restaurant and increase your bottom line, consider adding a drive-thru window. Maybe this has been a long-awaited goal of yours and you just need that extra push.

More and more restaurant chains are adding drive-thru’s models to their operations. Schlotzsky’s and Tim Horton’s have both hopped on the drive-thru trend and debuted new location designs.

Our restaurant experts at Consolidated Concepts say it’s time to invest in another profitable revenue stream.

Here are four benefits to adding a drive-thru window to each of your restaurant locations:

Supports Off-Premise Dining

Not everybody has the time to sit down and enjoy a meal at a restaurant. Sometimes they’re just looking for a quick bite during their lunch break, while traveling, or running a handful of errands. Whatever the reasoning may be, adding a drive-thru window to your restaurant chain will not only benefit the consumer but you the operator as well.

Off-premise dining is slowly making its debut again, especially with the cold weather ahead. Consumers aren’t always going to want to leave their house or dine-in. Sometimes it’s just easier to sit in your car and head through the drive-thru.

Less Contact for Those Worried about COVID

With cases on the rise once again, there may be consumers who are hesitant to dine-in at their favorite establishments. They may be immunocompromised, caring for an elderly, or just being extra cautious. Having the option of going to a drive-thru to enjoy a delicious meal from their desired restaurant will give them one less thing to worry about. This will even help boost brand awareness and loyalty.

Increases Your Bottom Line

Drive-thru sales are booming. There’s no doubt that adding a drive-thru window to your restaurant establishment is a worthy investment. The pandemic has helped increase the popularity of drive-thrus’, but even before COVID, these windows have always been revenue boosting machines.

When you have a drive-thru window, you can take more orders at once, which means profits are always coming in. This doesn’t mean you won’t have consumers who dine-in, it just means you’ll now have a wave of both, which is beneficial for you.

Training Your Staff & Properly Packing Your Meals

One key point to mention, if you are considering adding a drive-thru window to your restaurant chain, is to be sure to create a strategy and identify the best way to incorporate the new design into your operation without taking away from what you already have. According to QSR Magazine’s Drive-Thru Study, 89% of survey-takers say that order “accuracy” was “somewhat” or “most” important with their experience. Followed up by “speed” at 88%.

Consumers are looking for something quick and easy, whether they’re eating their meal in the car or taking it back home with them, their food should be served fast and stored properly to eat on-the-go.

While we all know that mistakes can happen, as stated above, accuracy is what’s most important to consumers when utilizing the drive-thru window. This is why it’s crucial to train your staff to ensure their efforts are both efficient and effective.

Don’t forget, you need to make sure you have enough staff to cover each station because your drive-thru will be busy and may get hectic at times.

In addition to staffing efforts, you want to make sure meals are properly packaged in a way that makes it easy for the consumer to enjoy their food without making a huge mess. Whether this means extra napkins, cutlery, or containers that will keep their food fresh, warm, and well-put together – going above and beyond in your packaging will make consumers want to buy from your establishment again.

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Revamp Your Restaurant with These Savings Programs this Summer

It’s officially summer which means diners are starting to crowd restaurants again. Is your operation prepared to take on the rush?

At Consolidated Concepts, we offer savings programs that will help you revamp your restaurant with infinite solutions!

Need to liven up the atmosphere with a new paint job? Replace those light fixtures you’ve been putting off for years? We’ve got you covered.

Any HVAC and plumbing needs? Fountain maintenance? Cleaning supplies? Our programs are secured to help you fix, replace, and/or maintain all of your operational needs from A to Z.

Savings on ACE Hardware Products and Solutions

Did you know that Consolidated Concepts members get a 10% discount on products and solutions from ACE Hardware? That means you could be saving with top national brands on paint and supplies, lighting and electrical, hand and power towels, outdoor equipment and supplies, janitorial and sanitation, plumbing and HVAC, hardware, and much more!

ace hardware solutions

Solutions on Water Management and Supplies

If your operation has an outdoor pool or fountain, you’re in luck. Consolidated Concepts partners with Leslie’s Pool to give you exclusive savings on water management and maintenance. You get access to discounts on pool and spa chemicals, equipment, cleaning and maintenance solutions, and more, to ensure your water management needs are secured.

leslie's water supplies

Save on HVAC Systems with Carrier

Nobody wants to be sitting in their own sweat while enjoying a delicious bite at your restaurant this summer. Your HVAC system needs to be running efficiently so that your operation is properly climate controlled and at a suitable temperature for your diners. We’ve partnered with Carrier, the experts in HVAC, to give you exclusive savings and benefits on air conditioning, heating, and building controls. Satisfy your guests by setting the standard for performance, sustainability, and energy efficiency.

carrier HVAC solutions

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Whether it’s fixing the light fixture you’ve been putting off or maintaining your HVAC, at Consolidated Concepts, we offer our members exclusive savings and solutions to help revamp your operation to ensure boosted profits and repeat customers.

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How to Run an Efficient Restaurant During a Labor Shortage

To run a restaurant operation during the current labor shortage is one thing. Running an efficient one is another. With the continuation of the pandemic and no relief in sight, especially before the holidays, restaurant operators are seeking alternatives to what was once known to them as their traditional, every-day way of running their operation.

There’s no doubt that times are changing, and everyone is doing their part to keep up. These changes are fairly easy to make and will not only help you run a more efficient business, but will also put money back in your pocket.

Let’s take a look at three different ways Consolidated Concepts experts say you can run an efficient restaurant during the current labor shortage:

Technology Can Streamline Processes

Technology has played a massive role in restaurant operators lives, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. From QR code menus and mobile ordering to inventory management, there’s nothing technology can’t do to help streamline your operation.

One way we encourage restaurant operators to implement technology is by partnering with industry experts such as InsideTrack. With the help of their spend management technology, you’ll have access to the most effective data cleaning in the foodservice industry. Data accuracyconsistency, and reliability are guaranteed. Operators like you gain better insights and spend intelligence into your operation.

By embracing spend management technology, you make better business decisions and identify new opportunities for savings and revenue. Data on your purchases is organized into easy-to-read dashboards you can access at any time. InsideTrack members can streamline operations by utilizing spend management, contract management, cost savings, GPO services, and much more—all within one powerful technology software.

Another way experts at Consolidated Concepts encourage the use of technology is by taking advantage of food cost management. Food cost management technology is a great resource that helps operators and chefs manage and control their food cost, inventory, and much more.

Food cost management technology puts time back into your day and helps you figure out any pain points that may be affecting the success of your operation.

Instead of hand-counting each item, you simply upload a screenshot of your invoices and Orderly takes care of the rest. You speed up your inventory process when you implement technology into your operation.

Now you can calculate the cost of a recipe online, too! With solutions such as Orderly, you’re able to build all of your recipes directly into the system. Each time an invoice is uploaded, the technology breaks down each ingredient and updates your prices in real-time.

Technology is key to running an efficient restaurant operation during these times. There’s an infinite number of things technology can do to ensure you’re streamlining operations, putting time back into your day and money into your bottom line.

Using Versatile, Easy-To-Prepare Ingredients

Did you know you could save time and money by incorporating versatile ingredients that are delicious and easy to prep? With products like Idahoan Real Potatoes, your customers will have that homemade taste and authentic feel they’re craving.

With the cold weather here, you can even add quick, savory soups onto your menus with items like Campbell’s Soup. Maybe even a soup base that’s less expensive and more consistent than scratch for you to work your final touches on such as LeGoût Cream Soup Base.

Have you considered pre-made sauces that are free of artificial colors/flavors and preservatives? Save time on prep and create dishes your guests will love with Knorr® Professional sauces. From gravies to sauces, your back of house will be thanking you for putting time back into their busy schedules.

But that’s not all. Who has time to hand-squeeze lemon and lime? Nobody, especially now with the labor shortage. That’s why The ReaLemon and ReaLime juices are great labor-saving ingredients that eliminate the inconvenience of slicing and squeezing. These juices are also a great option for salads, dips, main meals, and even beverages.

When you use versatile ingredients, you save money and put time back into your day while also satisfying your customers’ needs. Work smarter, not harder.

Partnering with Supply Chain Management Experts

Another way to ensure you run an efficient restaurant operation during a labor shortage is by partnering with supply chain management experts like Consolidated Concepts. With the current state of the supply chain, taking control of what comes into your operation seems nearly impossible.

You’ll have access to a fully customizable service that brings instant savings on thousands of items you may already be buying. Our experts help reduce costs, improve quality, and identify areas you may be able to achieve savings and negotiations in. This includes supply chain management, master distributions agreements, managed produce, and contracts.

Our supply chain management ensures maximum profitability and productivity while giving you access to items at the best competitive prices.

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3 Ways to Ensure Supply Chain Success

The Supply Chain is facing a major crisis that is affecting operators all over the country. The numerous challenges this has led to over the course of these past 20 months is unimaginable. This is why supply chain success is crucial. From equipment delays and rotten food to sky-rocketing prices and product shortages, it seems there will be no relief anytime soon.

Fortunately, we have ways you can help alleviate the situation and ensure your operation is running at its full potential during these unprecedented times. Satisfy your customers, please your staff, and put money back into your bottom line.

Here are three ways to ensure you’re on the road to supply chain success:

Embrace Supply Chain Technology

Technology is evolving each and every day. Operators like you can easily boost your profit margins and put time back into your day. No more outdated unreliable information and lack of transparency. With technology, you can track, audit, and optimize your purchasing process to make sure you’re not over-spending.

Technology helps strategically source products so that your restaurant operation is putting the best ingredients on customer tables at the best imaginable prices. This means driving value to your customer experience and your brand.

Leveraging supply chain technology means you’re able to identify supply chain weaknesses within your operation and improve your purchasing process.

Technology gives you visibility into competitive distribution agreements, strategic commodity planning, inventory management, and much more.

Leverage Buying Power for Cost Reduction

When your options are limited, you have a much lesser chance of opportunities for savings on purchases. Leveraging buying power is the key for cost reduction. With access to contracts and pricing you wouldn’t find anywhere else, operators like you can gain discounts and rebates across hundreds of categories within the foodservice industry.

Did you know? Your operation could be saving on products and services you use every day. You can use your purchasing data to your advantage and maximize profits. With over 165,000 line items from over 350+ industry leading manufacturers, you’ll find the most competitive pricing for your operation. No more unprofitable contracts you can’t get out of.

We’re here to make sure you’re getting the most out of your money.

Join a Managed Produce Program Today!

Lastly, when your restaurant operation joins a managed produce program, they’re guaranteed the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. No more rotten foods and product shortages. We partner with the best local produce distributors to ensure you’re satisfying your guests and putting money back into your pocket. Our expertly-managed produce programs focus on improving the quality, safety and traceability of your food programs.

The supply chain is experiencing challenges that impact your operation every day. By partnering with Consolidated Concepts supply chain experts, you can ensure you’re making profitable more informed business decisions.

With a managed produce program, you gain access to the best quality, consistency, and food safety standards that’ll wow your customers.

All Things Supply Chain

You don’t have to navigate the supply chain alone. We want to help you succeed in the restaurant world.

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Tackle Winter With These Restaurant Solutions

Nothing beats a warm meal indoors at your favorite restaurant. Even with the cold winter season approaching, restaurant dining remains in full action.

Give your customers the ultimate dining experience that’ll be sure to bring them back. From high-quality uniforms and take-out solutions to delicious, easy to prep food items, tackle cold winter months in ways that save you both time and money.

Let’s take a look at solutions you can use to prepare your operation for the upcoming winter season:


Off-premise dining is just as popular as on-premise dining. To keep your to-go orders blooming and your profits increasing this winter season, secure your customers’ takeout with high-quality disposables.

Consolidated Concepts partners with top manufacturers that give you access to savings opportunities on takeout and delivery solutions. Protect food orders with the right packaging that’ll satisfy customers and give your operation a safe, successful winter season.


Making a good first impression to customers is essential when running a restaurant operation. High-quality uniforms will reflect your brand and please your staff while presenting professionalism and cleanliness.

From slip resistant shoes perfect for battling slippery winter days to customizable uniforms from Cintas that keep your staff looking pristine and feeling warm, you’re guaranteed savings on items that your employees wear every shift.

With uniforms built with moisture-wicking Cool Vent™ technology, your staff can overcome the battle of hot and cold from stepping indoor to outdoor while serving customers through our Chef Works Program.


Warm, comfort foods are key to bringing in profits during the winter season. Keep your customers delighted and back-of-house pleased with quality, easy to prep food and beverage items. We’ve partnered with popular brands to bring you cost-effective food and beverage solutions that are sure to boost sales and help you tackle winter.

Did you know that Barilla is the world’s number one pasta? When you add Barilla pasta to your menu, you’re adding quality, variety, and consistency. Imagine the array of dishes you could create with such a versatile food item that can be enjoyed by everyone, even those with special dietary needs. From protein packed pasta to gluten-free, the options are endless this winter for the perfect, warm, pasta dish.

Another winter staple is a good ol’ bowl of soup. Increase your profits and reduce labor when incorporating Campbell’s soups to your menus! Delight your guests with speed-scratch solutions guaranteed to give them that fresh, homemade taste they’re longing for. Offer soup as a stand-alone or a side to entrees and watch guests line up for this crowd-favorite.

Don’t forget the potatoes! Offer hearty mashed potatoes your guests will love, all while keeping your prep time down, and bottom-line in mind. With Idahoan® Real Mashed Potatoes, you can create signature dishes that’ll thrill both your staff and customers.

That’s not all. There’s nothing better than ending the night with a warm cup of hot cocoa or a rich cup of coffee. Treat your customers and add brands like Folgers 1850® Coffee and Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa to your beverage menus!


Creating a clean and safe environment for guests is key to keeping your restaurant profitable during the upcoming winter months. As a restaurant operator, the last thing you’d want to do is expose your staff and guests to an unsanitary facility, especially during cold & flu season approaching. Remember, COVID is still a very prominent part of everyone’s lives. As a Consolidated Concepts member, you receive exclusive discounts and savings on sanitation products like the Dixie Ultra™ Surface System and Tork® Skincare solutions.

Did you know that cloth towels in the open-bucket environment can lose proper sanitizing strength within 30 minutes? The Dixie Ultra™ Surface System changes everything. Welcome to a new era of surface sanitizing!

Tork® offers a complete line of products designed to meet all your skincare needs for both front and back of house. Whether you prefer foam or liquid soaps and sanitizers, or manual or automatic dispensers, Tork® has the right solution to keep your operation clean and healthy.

Maintenance around the restaurant with hard-to-find items can cause a strain in operations. HD Supply can prepare you for the cooler months with essential items to create a memorable customer experience. Another benefit you get access to is our partnership with Grainger. Take advantage of programs with competitive pricing and savings on all you need to maintain your operation.

Don’t waste any more time, prepare your restaurant today and ensure you’re on the road to tackle a winter season.


Our savings solutions here at Consolidated Concepts are guaranteed to bring your restaurant a clean, healthy, and profitable winter season!

With access to high-quality products and easy to prep menu items, you’ll be able to tackle the winter season while satisfying all your customer and staff needs!

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