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Foodservice Industry Given 3 Years to Eliminate Trans Fat

The foodservice industry has three years to eliminate trans fats, a chief contributor to heart disease, from its products, according to the New York Times.

Avian Flu Limits Egg Supply

Whataburger Restaurant LLC’s decision to shorten its breakfast hours in response to a nationwide egg shortage is likely just the first response by restaurants to an avian influenza outbreak that has devastated egg-laying hens, according to supply chain experts who expect the shortage to last well into 2016.

Good Eggs Are Hard to Find

US Department of Agriculture data shows more than 44 million birds have died from highly pathogenic avian influenza or been euthanized to contain the outbreak since December 2014.

Foodservice purchasing expert talks managing costs

Bruce Reinstein of Consolidated Concepts discusses the cost of going organic, and more.