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Why You Should Take Portion Control Seriously

Quality control is critical to any restaurant operation, but proper quality control requires a lot of thought as to how it is accomplished. Read more …

Consolidated Concepts Hires Former Red Robin Executive

Consolidated Concepts, a leading supply chain partner for multi-unit restaurant brands, has hired former Red Robin and Sysco Foods executive Ray Masters as part of the company’s business development team.

GuestMetrics, Consolidated Concepts Enter Exclusive Partnership

GuestMetrics LLC, a leading data analytics firm for the Food & Beverage, Hospitality, and Financial Services industries, has signed a multi-year, exclusive deal with restaurant supply chain partner Consolidated Concepts.

Utilizing a Produce Management Program

Consolidated Concepts’ Fresh Concept managed produce program controls and tracks produce from seed to delivery.

Make vs Buy: More Than What Meets the Eye

Some restaurants would prefer to make 100% of everything from scratch, others would prefer to buy it all. These two activities can, however, co-exist within any restaurant today.

Managing food costs by cutting waste

Many restaurants focus on the wrong areas in an attempt to cut costs, hurting their bottom line.

The New Purchasing Power

When it comes to sourcing, large chains still hold most of the cards. But emerging concepts and consumer demands are shaking up the old system.

5 ways to get the most out of your supply chain

Bruce Reinstein, CEO of CC, gives his tips on maximizing your supply chain. Read more …

Overcharges Continue to Show Up on Restaurant Invoices

Without constant monitoring it can be very easy to be unintentionally overcharged by a vendor. Consolidated Concepts finds at least one overcharge 35% of the time.

Why Chipotle will bounce back from E. coli scare

After a recent E. coli outbreak forced Chipotle to close 43 stores, it reported today that it’s now conducting a deep cleaning of the locations and has hired two food safety consulting firms to help it.