10 Tips to Lower Your Restaurant’s Water Bill

This article was originally published on FSR Magazine.  According to the EPA, water used in restaurants/foodservice account for about 15 percent of the total water used in all commercial and institutional facilities in the U.S.  Here is a breakdown of the usage by area: 52 percent: Kitchen/dishwashing 31 percent: Domestic/Restroom 12 percent: Other 4 percent: Landscaping… Continued

Supply Chain Challenges During Inclement Weather

This article was originally published on Modern Restaurant Management. “Mother Nature is not sweet.” –John Shelby Spong Mother Nature is often the X-Factor in the world of food.  All the commodity experts have their projections on what will happen with every crop, but leave it up to a drought, flood, freeze, or any other natural… Continued

The Vanilla Equation

If your restaurant or bakery uses any reasonable amount of vanilla, you have seen the impact of a price increase, which was the result of a cyclone Read More…

Historic Wing Prices Wreak Havoc on Restaurants

The rising cost of chicken wings has put so much pressure on Buffalo Wings & Rings that executives formed an in-house chicken task force to find ways to tackle the problem. Read More…

Consolidated Concepts Hires Former Red Robin Executive

Consolidated Concepts, a leading supply chain partner for multi-unit restaurant brands, has hired former Red Robin and Sysco Foods executive Ray Masters as part of the company’s business development team. Read more …