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Click here to explore Strawfish's biodegrable straw options.


Click here to explore our top 8 PAM cooking sprays.


Explore meat and vegetable bases from Custom Culinary.


Check out Tazo seasonal fall teas by clicking here.

StrawFish: Sustainable Staws

StrawFish offers biodegradable straws designed to look, feel and work just like plastic. 

Straws are single use and can be disposed of in a traditional waste bin and will break down once in a landfill. Products are carbon negative and made from bio-waste, so you can provide a sustainable yet practical product at your operation. 

PAM Cooking Spray

Prepare for any upcoming holiday baking needs with PAM Cooking Spray. With eight different sprays to choose from, there is something for every operation throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Custom Culinary Bases

Custom Culinary now offers a five-pound package of their food bases, in addition to their one pound tub. Bases are flavorful and perform just like scratch-made stock. 

The new lineup includes meat bases and vegetable bases, plus low sodium options. 

Seasonal Tea Lattes from TAZO

Made with black tea, TAZO Tea Concentrates are caffeine free and require minimal prep – just add milk or any milk substitute to create hot or iced beverages for guests.

Lattes are available in Pumpkin Spice and Gingerbread Spice this holiday season.