Save Staff Time and Keep Guests Safe with Tork Xpressnap Fit

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Reopening your operation these days is more than just ordering fresh inventory and investing in an Open sign. Now, you must take into consideration things like having less staff on hand, guest hygiene expectations and maintaining cleaner workstations.

As more people begin eating away from home in restaurants and at work, arm your operation with cost-effective safe solutions for your guests.

Let’s take a look at how using Tork Xpressnap Fit® napkin dispensers can reduce labor, save on space, promote a safe environment, and cut unused napkins thrown away by more than 50%*.

So Many Napkins, Too Many Hands!

With 67% of customers at a full-service restaurant preferring to receive their napkins via an enclosed dispenser on the table vs. restaurant staff bringing napkins to the table**, having the option for one-at-a-time dispensing can make or break a successful dining experience.

By using solutions like Tork Xpressnap, napkins are hygienically protected within a dispenser, providing a dry environment which is unsuitable for viral survival. So, napkins provided in dispensers should not give rise to concern regarding germ transmission. Even better, guests only touch the napkin they take.

You’re probably wondering what about before they make it into the dispenser? How are they kept safe and secure from germs? Fortunately, Tork is one step ahead. Xpressnap napkin bundles are individually wrapped for protection for improved hygiene and handling.

Less Staff? Reduce Labor!

No more wasted napkins. Is your staff spending too much time cleaning up unused napkins at your self-service station? Do customers grab a bunch of napkins at once time leaving a trail of unused ones along the way? Using one-at-a-time dispensers such as Tork Xpressnap can save time and reduce maintenance.

No more running out of napkins during peak business hours. Xpressnap Fit uses compressed napkin refills enabling the dispenser to hold more napkins and reducing storage requirements.. Each dispenser includes a level indicator that shows your staff when it’s time to refill so your guests always have access to the napkins they need. Even better? Each dispenser serves almost 2 times as many guests between those refills*.

Limited Space? No problem!

Are your current napkin dispensers taking up too much space in your operation? They can be such an eye sore. The Tork Xpressnap compact napkin dispensers for both tabletops and countertops is the perfect fit. They even cut napkin storage by up to 50%*. Their space saving fold serves a full-size napkin in a small footprint dispenser. Talk about good things coming in small packages.

More Brand Awareness? Promote Your Business!

The Tork Xpressnap customized display windows can be used as a promotional tool for your operation and increases your brand awareness. Thank your customers, add a QR code for your menu, share your hygiene protocols, feature carry-out and delivery options and highlight new menu items. Use the display panels on your new dispensers to boost your business.

Tork Has the Solution for You With Tork Xpressnap!

Ideal for limited-service restaurants that offer napkins at a table or a central location and for outdoor seating, Tork Xpressnap dispensers improve hygiene, reduce napkin consumption, and save on space.

Even better? Consolidated Concepts members get exclusive savings and discounts on this safe and secure solution. Contact us today to learn more!